• Accelerate and de-risk revenue, by highlighting and
    removing the hidden barriers that inhibit
    your financial performance and future growth


    Results include a measurable ROI
    of at least 10 within 6-12 months


    See examples

  • This has changed the way we do business, in a hugely positive way, and our customers respond to that. Our competitors just can’t compete with the WesBank culture.

    Ronnie Watson - CEO
  • Quantifiable, and dramatic, business results from our use of the Growth Predictor Index™ are evident in the resulting 121% increase in sales over a 6 month period.

    Johan Brink - CEO
  • The Growth Predictor Index™ helped us create a more entrepreneurial, customer-focused culture and this resulted in us exceeding our financial targets.

    Karl Bauermeister - CEO, Home Loans Division

Business Leaders

We quickly assess your operational effectiveness and growth
capability, to identify
weaknesses holding back your business.
Tailored coaching releases the full delivery capability of your
teams, to provide sustainable performance and growth.

Accelerate and de-risk your growth



Our qualitative methods complement your quantitative
analysis, to support effective value creation and strengthen
portfolio companies. Unlocking the collective capability of
their employees drives growth and shareholder value.

Reinforce value creation plans


Is your business configured to succeed in the future?

We quickly assess your Growth Capability and highlight where and why you might be at risk of under-performing. In their book The Founder’s Mentality, Chris Zook and James Allen of Bain found that 85% of the c-level executives they interviewed said that internal obstacles, not external ones, kept their companies from growing profitably.

Are you trying to deliver transformational change?

We’ll provide a clear view of the current state of the business, so you can see beforehand areas of weakness and risk that will undermine change projects. That’s backed up with a proven action plan to strengthen the organisation and improve the ROI on any major project.

Next Step

Entrepreneurial Workshop for leaders

The most powerful asset in a business, is the collective capability of the people in the business. This is at the heart of a strong culture, operational excellence, consistent growth and the creation of shareholder value.

We’ve designed a half-day workshop for executive leaders – this will:

  • develop a clear understanding of the critical importance of Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • demonstrate how Entrepreneurial Mindset can accelerate and de-risk performance and growth

  • provide new insight on the risks to, and the opportunities for, any business

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Detailed insight to highlight areas
that are inhibiting performance
and suppressing growth.

Benchmark Index


Driving performance and value growth
by unleashing the collective
Entrepreneurial Mindset of employees.

Business Acceleration Programme


Qualitative KPIs to track operational
effectiveness and sustainable
growth capability.

Annual Index


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