Measure your Growth Capability Gap – quick test

A strong entrepreneurial culture is vital for companies who want to succeed in today’s uncertain business environment. We’ve developed a way to measure it – our name for this is ‘Growth Capability’. We’re offering you the opportunity to measure the gap between Assumed Growth Capability (i.e. what you think it is) and Measured Growth Capability (a calculated value).

Understanding this is critically important. Why? First, knowing where your company is actually starting from provides valuable input to strategic and operational decision-making. Second, highlighting areas of operational weakness and risk will focus and prioritise action.

This gap represents the ‘Danger Zone’ shown in the graphic below.

On the one hand, it provides a measure of the commercial risk your company is subject to.

On the other hand, it represents an opportunity to unlock revenue and profit trapped in your company because your growth is being inhibited.

This exercise will give you a flavour of how the process works, using a condensed version of our proven diagnostic service. It will only take you 5-8 minutes.


  1. Click the Growth Capability Gap Test link below.
  2. Enter the required data into the pale blue fields. We’re fully GDPR complaint and will always respect and protect your data. If you don’t fill them in, we can’t perform the calculations required and then email you a copy.
  3. When you’re finished, click the SUBMIT button.

What happens next?

You will immediately receive a PDF copy of your Gap Test report, showing part 1 of your results. Part 2 is an extended report providing additional insight, which we’ll email to you shortly after. In this email we’ll also propose a 30-minute telephone call. Why?

First, because we’d like to know what motivated you to take the Gap Test and what you think of your report and results – we’ll also answer any questions you have. Second, to talk you through the extended report and explain how the full Growth Capability analysis could add significant value to your business.

If this sounds good to you, then the next logical step would be to expose the Gap Test and Growth Capability analysis to your leadership colleagues.

We offer this service to you at no cost or obligation. It’s our mission to help companies achieve their full growth potential.

We recommend you access the link using one of the following browsers – Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Microsoft’s Edge and Internet Explorer browsers do not render the page properly.


Growth Capability Gap Test

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