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‘Love Mondays’ was written by our founder, James Raath. It uncovers the invisible gold mine of untapped opportunity and profit that exists in most companies – if employees are empowered to apply their unique ability and entrepreneurial drive to the challenges of the business. By asking the question; “How much of the ‘grand vision’ that permeates the mind of the executive leadership gets reduced to a ‘budget’ in the mind of managers, a ‘task’ in the mind of front-line staff, and an ‘indifferent experience’ for customers, deflecting revenue and profits to competitors?”, it reveals a problem many businesses need to solve.

Book Reviews

"I have worked with James and his consultancy over a number of years. His methodologies are pragmatic and effective, a blueprint for any CEO to harness that much sought-after, but seldom achieved, goal - employee initiative. Any business leader seeking to improve shareholder value will benefit from this book and its principles."

Ian Woodrow - General Manager, On Digital Media

"As a Business Advisor working with CEO’s to grow and develop their business, I came to realise that the problem of getting genuine staff engagement in a company is the biggest threat to business; even bigger than a failing economy. I looked around for a solution and found James Raath. Since coming to England in 2007 for an Index training session, I’ve worked with him ever since. His bravery in extreme adversity has inspired me.

James’s book ‘Love Mondays’ is a breakthrough. I believe it is every CEO’s and business leader’s handbook on how ordinary people can accomplish the extraordinary in any business. By moving beyond staff engagement to embracing their unique ability and entrepreneurial drive, it offers leaders and staff a fresh and highly relevant approach to overcoming the challenges every business faces."

Dr Michael J Freestone CPA, ABP FCIS, FCIBM, DBA (New York)

"James, I always enjoyed our sessions and have applied the many lessons that you have taught me and my teams with great results. I share your view that we must focus on all aspects of employees in our business and not just as deliverers of strategy. If we create the right environment in the workplace, everyone can be excited about Mondays and the week ahead. Once you create that environment and balance, the markets you play in will feel the change in culture from your business and want to deal with you. From there the battle is already half won.”

Karl Bauermeister – CEO Sizwe Asset Finance (Pty) Ltd

"As Chairman of 'The Parcel Company' 20 years ago, I was privileged enough to have James direct my thoughts regarding the kind of culture I wished to establish in my business. Applying the principles I learned from him my business grew rapidly, as most of my employees began to treat my business as if it were theirs. The results were spectacular. What was even more rewarding to me than growth or profit, however, was to see 'my people' completely engaged in our workplace, which for the majority of them led to deeply satisfying careers and personal growth. If investing in 'people before profit' is your motivation, applying what you learn in 'Love Mondays' will see you successful in both."

Hugh Thöle – Entrepreneur

"In these times where technology plays an increasing role in business, we often forget that the foundation of any successful business is its people. It is of vital importance that we offer an opportunity for their development. We also need to bring back the 'human touch' to ensure our people are aligned with the values and ethos of the organisation, and that every individual understands their role, contribution, value and responsibility for their own and their organisation's success. The experiences and challenges faced by James in business, and personally, give him a unique insight and empathy that will benefit all stakeholders."

Jose de Almeida - General Manager, SAV Systems

'Love Mondays' is a wake-up call for recession-hardened employers that may have forgotten the value of engaged staff.  Scenarios that illustrate the difference happy people make are outlined, and then re-imagined with a commercial outcome. In a world where strategy and profits rule, it dares to ask readers: ‘What do your vision, strategy and plan mean to your team and organisation who must execute it?’

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