An integrated group of services to help your business achieve growth

Benchmark Index

To take advantage of the rapidly changing business landscape, and avoid losing ground to competitors, CEOs need to be confident of their company’s capability to deliver growth into the future. This means finding a way of measuring capability and its impact on future performance. Investors who provide growth capital will also gain insight from this measure.

The Growth Predictor Index™ predicts a company’s future financial performance by measuring the strength of its current capability. This is the driving force within a company that enables it to create new value, overcome obstacles, source new customers, retain existing customers and deliver commercial growth – effectively and consistently.

Benchmark Index Service

Business Acceleration Programme

When the results of the Benchmark Index have been presented to the executive leadership team, the clear traffic-light system indicates specific areas of the business requiring attention, as they represent elements of commercial risk that are also inhibiting performance. Recommendations will be given within the report, advising on action to address this.

Our Business Acceleration Programme programme is designed to make this happen. The content and materials were created alongside, and are totally aligned with, the Index model. This means they’re focused on outcomes that positively influence capability and growth.

Business Acceleration Programme

Annual Index

For companies keen to track their progress over time, and demonstrate their operational capability and commercial ‘fitness’ to investors and stakeholders, the Annual Index service provides the answer. In this scenario, the Index is adopted as a core company metric and embedded within the regular operational measurement process.

After the initial Benchmark Index, coaching and re-test, we will typically schedule a 6-monthly or annual review where we re-apply the Index and track progress, to assess the value and ROI of any intervention such as coaching and to ascertain the ‘direction of travel’.

This provides leadership teams and investors with a powerful demonstration of a company’s capability, competitiveness and strength. It also underpins their ability to deliver future commercial results.

Annual Index Service

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