“It brought me to a grinding halt, challenging me to
re-think what, and who, was really important
to our business success. The new entrepreneurial
way of thinking changed my life, helped me
conquer my fear of change and smash my targets.”

Frans Lombard – Executive Leadership Team, PPS

The Growth Predictor Index is based on a fundamental principle


Entrepreneurial Mindset

In the diagram above, employees in the ‘Task Zone‘ apply their
skills with the minimum of thought and exert no effort to make
a positive difference for themselves or colleagues. They simply do
what is required to get the job done. People in the ‘Service Zone‘
are moderately engaged in their work, but they have limited
willingness to proactively explore the potential of their ability
to add value. The ‘Impact Zone‘ is where employees express
their unique ability and entrepreneurial drive.

This produces an entirely new level of performance.

Current Capability & Future Performance

Being able to assess current Growth Capability and use that as a
predictor of future commercial performance provides new insight
and gives leadership teams and their investors confidence in the
future. Each business faces a unique set of challenges, based on
their market conditions, competitive position, commercial
maturity and the specific internal issues they’re dealing with.
Understanding how well they’re currently configured to meet
these challenges and deliver future results is critical.

But how do they know where they’re starting from?

5 interconnected factors determine Growth Capability and there’s empirical evidence for each one as a performance driver. But it’s no good measuring or developing them in isolation. They have to work in balance: weakness anywhere inhibits the overall impact.

The core is Entrepreneurial Mindset – it transforms the collective confidence, motivation and ability to transform company growth.

Entrepreneurial Mindset impacts leadership – it transforms a leadership team’s ability to deliver their commercial plans and builds confidence that the business can truly deliver.

Entrepreneurial Mindset is closely linked to risk & reward. If people understand that their ability to add value to themselves, and their company, is reflected in the way they’re rewarded, then this ensures a powerful collective focus on delivering commercial results

Entrepreneurial Mindset directly drives the process of innovation. It drives positive changes and helps generate new ideas, processes and services. This underpins a regular flow of new saleable value.

Entrepreneurial Mindset drives customer focus. Externally, this means consistent and effective customer experience to drive revenue/profit growth. Internally, it drives productivity, effectiveness and growth.

4 Steps To Drive Uninhibited Growth


Capture data on the 5 factors across the business. Analyse the results to provide a Benchmark Index score. Generate a detailed report with recommendations for action and deliver feedback to the leadership team. Identify the gap between assumed and measured Growth Capability.


Use the Benchmark Index score, plus the market growth rate and internal risk factors, to calculate the growth potential that could be unlocked. Put a financial value on closing the Growth Capability gap. Incentivise action to drive up growth.



Apply a targeted Business Acceleration Programme,
focused on the weaknesses and risk areas identified in the Benchmark Index report which are inhibiting growth. Focus on improving each of the 5 growth factors, to unlock future performance.


After deployment of the
Business Acceleration
, re-test the business to measure the practical impact of the programme and assess the changes in the Index score. Adopt the Annual Index programme, to include this as a core operational metric and demonstrate value to stakeholders and investors.

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